Nicki Minaj Pays Plastic Surgeon To Make Meek Mill Attractive

In the news today, it appears that rapper Meek Mill might have to change his name after his boo Nicki Minaj fronted the bill for a major cosmetic overhaul stating that, “dude was seriously meek looking before.I think it’s time he get some work done.”

Horrified cosmetic surgeon to the stars Jame Bather had this to say:
“When I first took a look Mr. Mill, I thought he was a lost cause. I have seen more attractive faces on burn victims. However, I think we were able to take Mr. Krueger…I mean Mr. Mill and turn him into a perfectly handsome man after securing a brand new face from a Nigerian man that had fell into debt with a local loan shark.

Needless to say, this new handsome Meek Mill looks nothing like the old hideous Meek Mill. Now, Ms. Minaj is asking for me to do a little work south of the border. Apparently, the woman likes her anacondas.”


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