Thursday , August 6 2020

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How to Forgive someone and move on!

Yesterday I posted this question in my WhatsApp group;“Is it okay to keep in contact with an ex when you are in a new relationship?”  Well, I must say that one question caused a firestorm of dialogue and debates both for and against it. I learnt and realized a lot …

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MUST READ:Overcoming conflicts in any relationship

Question: “How do you deal or overcome major conflicts in your relationship or marriage most especially if it’s your partner who has angered you?” One of my new co-admins called Tebza from South Africa asked that question in my WhatsApp group. And I must say members who were online at …

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Patience always pays

Don’t force it! We want things so fast. We are truly a microwave society. We love instant gratification. But there is something divine about patience. The longer it takes, the better it’ll be. Do the work! Position yourself for success by doing something every day to get closer to your …

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