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Lesotho becomes last country in Africa to record coronavirus case-Now whole continent has COVID-19

Lesotho records first case of Coronavirus; All African countries now affected by Coronavirus Remote Lesotho becomes last country in Africa to record COVID-19 case-Now whole continent has COVID-19 Lesotho has recorded its first case of Coronavirus, making it the last African nation to report a positive case. Lesotho’s Ministry of …

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Woman Has Drunk 150,000 Cans of Coke in the Last 40 Years

Back in February, South Korean YouTube channel X SBS featured the unusual story of a pensioner who has allegedly been drinking nothing but Coca Cola for the past 40 years. Interestingly, she isn’t one of those people who just can’t stand water, or who has been drinking Coke from a young age …

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China: If We Have to Pay for Coronavirus, U.S. Has to Pay for AIDS, 2008 Financial Crisis

Chinese state media once again floated the prospect of international lawsuits against the United States for supposedly being responsible for the HIV/AIDS epidemic in a column Thursday, adding the 2008 financial crisis and the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic to the list. The Global Times and People’s Daily, two of the most prominent Chinese …

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Coronavirus: Madagascar President Rajoelina hits out at tonic ‘detractors’

Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina has said criticism of an untested herbal tonic that he is touting as a treatment for Covid-19 shows the West’s condescending attitude towards Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against using untested remedies. Mr Rajoelina’s tonic has not gone through clinical trials. The African …

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Madagascar homegrown remedy for COVID-19 criticized because it’s from Africa

PHOTO:Madagascar Presient Andry Rajoelina explains the 73 corona patients who were cured! Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina batted away criticism for promoting a homegrown “remedy” for COVID-19, charging that the West has a condescending attitude toward traditional African medicine. If it wasn’t Madagascar, and if it was a European country that had …

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Natasha Thahane Explains Why She Prefers Being Single

When you are famous,  everyone wants to know the status of your love life: if you’re dating, who you’re dating, why you’re single, and so on. Last year, Natasha revealed that she is single and also shut down rumours that she is dating A-Reece. Speaking to True Love magazine recently, …

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