Pearl Thusi has tongues wagging after posting revealing photos

Pearl Thusi has tongues wagging after posting revealing photos

Pearl Thusi has tongues wagging after posting revealing photos. After sharing revealing images and videos on her Instagram profile over the weekend, actress and entrepreneur Pearl Thusi gained widespread attention. Thusi was dressed in a catsuit that was completely transparent. She had two perfectly round, expertly sculpted twins on her chest, which everyone could see and appreciate. She appeared on the trending list both on Sunday and yesterday. She received some harsh criticism on social media, while others defended her freedom to adorn her body whatever she pleased.

Thusi has previously taken this course of action. Thusi has always adhered to her Zulu maiden traditions, despite the fact that she is well past the age of virginity testing and far before the new Hollywood fashion trend of wearing sheer see-through clothing and frequently going braless. In a fully nude photo shoot for charity a few years ago, Thusi and actress Bonny Mbuli flaunted their stunning post-pregnancy bodies.

Few people were impressed with Thusi’s standard nightclub attire. People either rejected her requests for them to “look at my antics” or posed with her for photos.

“She is too old for this, am sure she can pull other attention stunts…not this one,” says one critic

In the pictures that went viral this weekend, Thusi, who was marketing her alcohol business, could be seen dancing risquély and openly pointing people’s attention to her sculpted chest area while standing on the DJ stage in her sheer catsuit.

While some social media critics criticized her look in our conservative country, others complimented her freedom of expression. Others brought up the fact that maidens at a variety of cultural events are frequently baring their chests, sparking a discussion about culture and how elder role models should act.

Another user wrote: “Imagine if females in South Africa decided to dress like this? Showing off their boobs, trending because of some socialite. It’s disgusting, in my opinion! Nothing liberating of this, no modesty. We need to protect kids,”

Hitting back at social media critics, the Queen Sono actress posted pictures dressed in a see-through jumpsuit showing her breasts captioned: “Don’t slide if you like reporting people. Unfollow me or block me so we can both mind our business.”

Followers who defended Thusi stated that they saw nothing improper about her choice of attire. Let us know what you think.


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