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Pearl Thusi Is Trending On Twitter Today! Accused Of Having Light skin Privileges

South Africa’s Pearl Thusi is today trending on Twitter after a section of Twitter users accused her of having some light skin privileges wherever she goes.

Pearl has always talked about getting bullied during her childhood for having a different skin tone. Her fans however think otherwise.

Today Pearl is trending and here are some thoughts from Twitter Users not moved by her tactics to win sympathy.

Here is a video of the SONO actress discussing colourism on her live.


Here are more comments and tweets.

BuhleSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes
Y’all are wrong for saying Pearl Thusi is lying for saying she was bullied for being light skinned has a child. I grew up in the rural areas and I was called “inkawu”, “ilawu” “nobomvu” and most of the times I was told “awukho mhle qha wenziwa kukuba mhlophe”. So I believe her.

Yellow Kolisi ‚ėÄ
Pearl Thusi wants to deny that her skin gives her privilege when she’s just as irritating as Ntsiki Mazwai but who’s the social outcast?

Cause nobody wants to listen to a ‚Äúwhining‚ÄĚ Black, dark skinned woman. But everybody is giving PT a platform, thus validating her experiences

Pearl Thusi and other people with similar skin tones were definitely teased growing up. However, they were also praised. Even today they are teased…and also praised. Please leave us alone now.

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