Pictures: Man kisses Zodwa’s coochie during show

Pictures: Man kisses Zodwa’s cookie during show

Men will always be men but the extents fellow men reach are unthinkable. Many people love Wabantu and adore her but this man who has trending on social media has gone too far. A picture of this unidentified man kissing Zodwa’s privates has flooded social media. What pushed him to do this can be easily deduced but one thing for sure is he was now using his desire to get freaky with Zodwa make decisions for him.

Pictures Man kisses Zodwa's cookie during show

Members of the public are asking if men think before they act. The responses and comments from the public are two sided with many admitting they would do the same because they love Zodwa. Here are some of the reactions and questions from the public:

“ama bf wethu kodwa😂😂😂😂😂”

“Kazi ubaba kabani lona?”

“uThabo akazuyithanda ke lento indunu yakhe ikhothwa ngamanye amadoda”

“I salute this man jhooooo😂😂😂😂😂”

Pictures: Man kisses Zodwa’s coochie during show

Pictures: Man kisses Zodwa’s coochie during show

On the other side, some fans are wondering who that man is. Others have taken the story to another level and are using this as an excuse Thabo cannot be with Zodwa after the two hooked up. Zodwa let the cat out of the bag about Thabo that she had slept with him recently. She also claims that Thabo has a girlfriend.

Many were shocked by Zodwa confession but was Zodwa catching feelings? why else would she say it on a public platform if she did not want to get Thabo’s attention and his alleged girlfriend. One thing people have learnt is that Zodwa is open about everything. Whether she is going for a surgery to tighten her privates or she is talking about her love life. Some condemn Zodwa’s behaviour and have gone to the extent of telling her that she disrespects her son.

This has not deterred Zodwa but has actually pushed her to be more explicit and keep doing what she does best. This is not new that men touch or try to ply with Zodwa’s privates during shows. A video of many men carrying Zodwa and trying to find their way to her down under.

Pictures: Man kisses Zodwa’s coochie during show

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