Police dismiss reports of video of mermaid spotted saying it’s fake?

Police dismiss reports of video of mermaid spotted saying it’s fake?

Police dismiss reports of video of mermaid spotted saying it’s fake?

Just hours after the video of a real mermaid went viral , police have since issued a statement denying the claims.

In the video, a creature with a human torso but a fish-like bottom was seen on the ground surrounded by a group of people.  The mermaid which was found yesterday on the shore of Indian ocean in Ukunda, Mombasa Kenya has had many talking whether it’s actually real.

According to the video you can it making sounds and breathing just fine. Some people even went ahead to touch it to confirm.

However the statement from the police has been received with mixed reactions from members of the public, with some making fun of the whole issue.

Twitter users are bashing the police as they think they want to lie but it’s actually real.

“What is it then? I’m sure those cops don’t even know what a mermaid is, or what do you folks think?” one tweep wrote

There’s so many theories to whether real mermaids actually exist but this particular video has Kenyans convinced.

Watch the video below and let us know you view.


The first stories about mermaids, though, come from thousands of years ago. They’re from ancient Assyria. These stories say that the goddess Atargatis changed herself into a mermaid. She did so after she accidentally killed a human. This may be why many older mermaid legends associated them with bad luck. Old stories often blame mermaids for storms and shipwrecks.

This view may also be the result of their connection with the mythological Greek creatures known as sirens. The sirens were popularized in Homer’s Odyssey. They were known to lure sailors into dangerous waters. They did so with their beauty and singing.

In many other cultures, however, mermaids were seen as good creatures. They brought good luck. Some even fell in love with humans. These mermaids are the ones that have become popular in modern stories.

Mermaids have also often been connected to sirenia. This is a biological order of animals. It includes dugongs and manatees. Some experts say that mermaid sightings might actually be misunderstood run-ins with these animals.