Possibility of Hard Level 5 Lockdown Could Hit Mzansi Again

The second wave of the tragic Corona Pandemic has hit Mzansi and increased the number of infection cases. Word is, this could lead to the possibility of a level 5 lockdown.

Twitter users have been talking about this for the better part of the weekend making the hashtag Level 5 trend at number one.

According to some users on the trend, the government will soon put the country on a hard level 5 lockdown to help crackdown infection cases.

The lockdown according to sources will go on for 7 days straight. This is to help stop the virus that is spreading rapidly in the country.

South Africans have shown their distaste for the return of the Lockdown. Check out some reactions from those participating in the discussion.

I don’t understand why you guys are manifesting level 5 knowing how horrible that is or it’s because people losing jobs doesn’t affect you

Davy Tsopo
I was retrenched last year March with one month old baby under level 5 lock down I started checking baking videos on your tube. I started my baking business and I’m very happy. I have 32 cakes to finish before Saturday. Check CAKEY BY DAVY on socials.

Guys please stop manifesting level 5. People lost jobs, companies were forced to close their doors. It’s not cute la nto. Please stop it.

Efkay Lele Legodi ⚪
If they announce Level 5 and everyone is okay with it, I’m leaving this country. Raising hands
Let’s challenge this government bafethMan facepalmingBroken heart

Maybe if we challenge them, this whole Covid-19 thing will make sense

What do you think about this. Leave your comments.

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