Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick L3aks His N’ ude Pics & WhatApp Screenshots

Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick

A few hours after Prince Kaybee’s former side chick posted WhatsApp conversations between the two of them on Twitter. She then followed up by doing the unthinkable. She posted a picture, which was meant for her eyes only on Twitter.

Not only was what she did illegal, it was also very violating and degrading.

People made her aware of the type of person that she is. She is a very nasty and disgusting person. Prince Kaybee’s fans were hopeful that he would lay charges against her and have her arrested for the vile act that she did.

Prince Kaybee was cheating on his girlfriend, Zola Ayabulela, with the girl. People assume that she posted the screenshots and leaked his picture because he wouldn’t treat her like a Queen or he would not dump Zola.

Prince Kaybee, one of South Africa’s most promising young musical talents, hit all the wrong notes on Wednesday after he was found to be cheating on his partner and radio personality, Zola Mhlongo. The couple – who seemed rock steady throughout their relationship – now find themselves in a serious crisis.


After initially trying to downplay the messages, Prince Kaybee realised that the game was up. Backed into a corner, he finally came clean, confirming that he had ‘humiliated his girlfriend’ by cheating on her. He also apologised to his sponsorship partners and his mother for his ‘disappointing conduct’:

“I cheated, I humiliated my girlfriend publicly. To the people I have disappointed, the businesses I represent, my girlfriend and my Mother I profusely apologise from the bottom of my heart.”


Zola Mhlongo DID break her silence on the matter, but only to address one particular point being made by Prince Kaybee fans. They accuse his partner of cheating on her ex WHILE hooking up with the popular hitmaker – and in the middle of the night, Zola decided to ‘share some clarity’ on the matter.

Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick

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