Reasons why you should stop bathing with your wife

Reasons why you should stop bathing with your wife

Reasons why you should stop bathing with your wife

Showering together may seem like a great idea to couples, particularly for those who are looking forward to spice up their romance life. However while it sounds fun, it is not always a great idea to take a shower together with your loved one. If you are looking for ways to spruce up your intimacy with your partner, we have some other ideas.

Marriage is sweet when it is new, when there is genuine love and trust. There are various things people do to indicate that they love each other. Everybody wants a loving partner.

It is good for a couple to be open to each other but avoiding being too open is also nice. A little anonymity, even when it comes to swimming together should be there.

1. Having to bath with each other makes you get so used to each other. You’re going to get tired of seeing each other’s bodies faster than you thought. It just seems like if you watch the same movie every day of your life, you’re going to get bored of it.

2. You are invading someone else’s privacy:

Bathing together appears to violate the intimacy of each other as you should be left alone for a moment. So you can reason or rather, think like a human being.

(3) Why bathe when it is not convenient?

It’s convenient to remember another thing before bathing together. When you are not able to scrub yourself clean, what is the point of bathing? There are some body regions that only you can perfectly clean. It would be hard for your husband or wife to do this and sometimes you may feel guilty of washing the area when you’re together.


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