RHODurban Star Jojo Robinson leaves the show

RHODurban Star Jojo Robinson leaves the show

RHODurban Star Jojo Robinson leaves the show. Jojo Robinson, a member of The Real Housewives of Durban, is rumored to be done with reality television. In the wake of the most recent fight from a recent episode, Robinson stormed out of dinner and declared that the show was over.

Numerous viewers are pleading with Jojo Robinson not to return to the Real Housewives of Durban in the upcoming season, despite the fact that the show is pre-recorded. Robinson has acknowledged that she is done with the reality TV program precisely twice. She previously announced her departure from the program on Instagram. She will still appear in scenes even though she has left the show because it has already been recorded.


Surprisingly, more viewers are anticipating with bated breath that Jojo Robinson won’t appear in the upcoming season. Robinson’s behavior, character, and virtue among the women that had earned her a Karen title have apparently offended both her co-stars and a sizable number of viewers.

Sani Pass was involved in a fight while on the vacation she planned to Drankensberg Premier Resort. Jojo Robinson left the kitchen because the humidity was too much for her. She hit co-star Nonku Williams with a glass of water, making history replicate itself. What she said after storming out of supper caught the attention of the audience. Robinson continued by declaring that she was done with reality television and yelled at the women as she left.

“I’m done, I’m done, f**k everybody! Leave me alone! I just want to be with my family! I don’t want to be with this sh*t! I don’t want this sh*t! F**k everyone! I want out! I am sick of it, please! I don’t want to be part of this! Just leave me alone! Just let me go, I want out! I want out! I’m done! I am done with everything!” said Jojo

RHODurban Star Jojo Robinson leaves the show


The boundaries were largely established during her confessions. Robinson was very xpl!cit that she had no interest in hanging out with her fellow actors any longer. She acknowledged that she was finished and had lost interest in the show.

“This group triggers me like nothing else. In the ten years I have been with Calvin, The only times I have been triggered have been with this group. This friendship is pointless, everything here is pointless. I came on this holiday and it is pointless. I can not deal with you anymore!” said Jojo Robinson

Whilst talking to co-star Maria Valaskatzis outside the hotel before headed home. Robinson made it known that she needed to step away from the group.

Maria Valaskatzis: What’s going on babe, why are you leaving?

Jojo Robinson: I think I got to a point where, you know being around this group of women is just very triggering. And I think I gone to a point where I need to accept that I am not meant for them.

Maria Valaskatzis: How you were yesterday is completely out of character. I don’t know this Jojo.

Jojo Robinson: Unfortunately, I just need to step away

According to reports, Jojo Robinson has been making fun of the Real Housewives of Durban while on holiday in the Seychelles.

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