Samthing Soweto on his struggle with depression- WATCH 

Samthing Soweto on his struggle with depression 

Samthing Soweto discusses his depression and how he overcame it.

The musician, who has been silent for months, has resurfaced on Twitter to discuss his struggles.

Samthing stated that despair led him believe he was insane and that he wasn’t a good singer, but that he only realized this week that he is.

“I’m sorry for the silences. I thought I was wack but today I only discovered how dope I am. #depression,” he wrote.


The tweet drew a lot of attention, just like when he drew the attention of Mzansi in May with a snapshot revealing his dramatic weight loss.

While some insulted him, others were worried, prompting him to make a video about his weight reduction.

He stated that he was not dying, but that he was going through a lot of personal issues.

Many superstars, like Cassper Nyovest, Black Coffee, Lady Du, and others, as well as his admirers, offered him love.


Here are some of the comments:

“I feel like something happened to this guy but hes not ready to talk….this album made millions but you know the industry has valtures”

“I know you mean well and I respect your work, but what you’re doing here is not right and you could get in trouble with the law for advertising yourself as having clinical skills to treat a clinical condition 🙏🏽”

“the amapiano vocal pioneer?

the guy that made it cool to showcase vocal ability in amapiano?

the guy that wrote “nana thula“ one of the best amapiano songs and gave it to somebody?

look around you’ve inspired a whole generation every young “afro pop” artist has your influence.❤️”

“You are a rare gem 💎 crafted and made to shine in the world were there’s no hope , no human understanding can ever know or even understand the human nature that you are you go through alot but the upper power that gave the talent that you have craves for your humane your being .”

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