Sashi Naidoo fails to pay a model for thirteen years

Sashi Naidoo fails to pay a model for thirteen years

Sashi Naidoo fails to pay a model for thirteen years. Nine years have passed since the model Lindile ‘Lee’ Ntabeni won the legal battle with Sashi Naidoo, a former model who is now a successful businesswoman. Naidoo has yet to pay Ntabeni despite being required to do so by the court all those years ago. When Naidoo went to court in 2014, the model had been owed money since 2010.

Living between friends while Naidoo is living large and traveling the world while owing him money, according to Ntabeni, has made life difficult for him. Ntabeni was hired by Naidoo’s modeling agency for the Bar One commercial and was due R80,000, but he never received it. He alleges that in order to get her to pay, he was had to take her to small claims court.

“I have been chasing her for years now, I am struggling and I need that cash, I know it is nothing to her,” he said. He added that the advert was being played on TV throughout the continent which meant more money for Naidoo’s now-closed Alushi Modeling agency. “She took advantage of me, I am disappointed especially because she is a model herself,” he adds.

Ntabeni says after the court ruling, Naidoo agreed to settle the whole amount but she never did. “I have lost all my source of income, I really need that money I worked hard for it,” he said. He told afromambo that he can’t afford to buy himself airtime let alone lawyers who can help him get his money. “I can’t afford to take legal steps against her, I have not been working since Covid-19, life is hard for me while she is enjoying her life without a care in the world,” he said. When contacted for comment, Naidoo hung up after the journalist introduced themselves.

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