Scandal! Actors Nomvelo Makhanya and Mathews Rantsoma Spill The Tea on Their on Screen Romance

Scandal! actors Nomvelo Makhanya and Mathews Rantsoma spill the tea on their on-screen romance

Nomvelo Makhanya and Mathews Rantsoma

When it comes to on-screen romance, fans often think that the actors’ relationship spills over off set.

Scandal isn’t like that at all! Mathews Rantsoma and Nomvelo Makhanya, both actors, are dating other people. They spilled the beans on the talks they had in character to make their “love” look genuine.

They recently married on the show, and the audience has been enthralled by their narrative.

Nomvelo told TshisaLIVE that playing the part of Lindiwe Ngema was “absolute delight.”

“It was a fun process, one thing I enjoy about my character is that I get to live vicariously through her. There are certain things I’ve never gone through personally but I get to go through her.” she says.

Nomvelo says it’s easy for her to get into character, despite the disclaimers they give one other when doing intimate sequences.

“Mathews and I have always been very comfortable with each other from day one, I think also because I know him from back in school. From day one we just said let’s just play, whatever comes, comes. I guess one disclaimer I’ve given him was just the breath mints, but that’s just standard.”

Nomvelo Makhanya and Mathews Rantsoma

“It’s been very interesting. It’s been an amazing journey. The most difficult scenes are always the intimate ones because we always have to have a conversation about whether we are OK with me going so far. It has to be a conversation so that we don’t overstep in the name of playing a role. My difficulty has always been playing intimate scenes throughout my career, they need special attention,” he says.

Mathews claims that his on-screen role has created a misleading impression of him, and he needs to continuously convince people that he and his on-screen character are diametrically opposed.

“It has created an image that says that I’m a romantic in a way, and I’m not really romantic. I think the life of the character has taken over my image, in a way, with the perception of what my life is.”




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