See how Mxolisi will rescue Nosipho and kill Last number and Umbutho gangs

Apparently this might be the end of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo and his family as he was always targeted by Amos, Last number and Umbutho gangs. Nosipho found herself between Amos and Nkunzi however her mission was to distract Amos and update Nkunzi on whatever Amos plans to do so that he could outsmart him. Amos is always surrounded by his men and it makes it more difficult for Nkunzi to get to himNkunzi told Nosipho to kill Amos herself as she is the only person in Mhlongo family who has access in Amos’s lifestyle. Recently Nosipho did as she was told but she didn’t kill Amos hence she claims that she is not a murderer. Last number was asleep until he woke up and saw that his brother’s life is in dangerLast number hit Nosipho at the back of the head and she fell down. Apparently we are not sure where did the take Nosipho to however Mxolisi might come and rescue Nosipho from the danger she is facing. Mangcobo is very worried about her daughter but we all know that the Mhlongo family always win

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