She Just Wanted Help, But The Guy Just Went Too Far By Touching Somewhere Else, Watch The Video!

Being rich means you can get a lot of things done for yourself and that is what happens a lot of times. You get people who are used to the wealth that they do not see anything wrong with asking other people to do the most basic of things for them.

Here, we have a guy who seems to have taken his time to do what he is meant to do and the worst part of it all is that it looks like had the lady waiting. As he arrived, the lady was not pleased and it sounded like she was scolding him a bit.

But how do you wait for someone to come and help you get into a car, it seems like this is what the lady did, what we see next on the video is quite something if you ask me. So what happens is that lady walks towards the car and it is clear that she cannot get inside by herself, so the guy then attempts to help her get inside.

But it became a problem because there was just something that was too heavy, they kept on going and when it looked like she was closer to getting in, she got back out.


As the guy was trying to get her in, he was holding her thighs and put some force, but that did not work, so he gave up. You probably would have given up too, that was just too much, it would probably take two men to get her into that car as you might think, right?

But the crazy thing is that she ended up getting on the car by herself, without anyone’s help and this shows that she could have gotten in the car a long time ago.

It was not that clear why the guy tried to get the lady in the car in the first place, but I suppose it is because he had to as someone who probably works for her. It is not clear if the guy works for the lady, but that was what it looked like, it was like the guy was a driver or something.

There was even a time when a short man got there and it looked like he was reprimanding the guy, probably for doing something he was not supposed to do and this was when the guy was trying to get the woman in the car.

And it could be that this short man is the lady’s boyfriend or something because the guy stopped what he was doing when the short man got there.

Maybe the short man felt like the guy was touching the lady where he was not supposed to be touching her. Then the guy had to carry the short man and put him in the car and he did this because the short man was small.

In some cases, when someone lifts people the way the guy did is because they are rich and this shows how they get power because they have money.

And I doubt that the guy was a good samaritan, he probably did that because he would get something out of it. Go to for more on this.

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