Sihle Ndaba leaves Scandal

Sihle Ndaba leaves Scandal
Sihle Ndaba leaves Scandal. Photo/Instagram

Sihle Ndaba leaves Scandal. Award-winning actress Sihle Ndaba says goodbye to Scandal! after just a little over a year of work on the hit telenovela for E! The actress shared the news of her leaving on Instagram with the utmost happiness.

Sihle Ndaba leaves Scandal

The former Uzalo and Gomora actress surprisingly left Scandal just as she was becoming used to the show’s audience and admirers. Ndaba, who has had a very long acting career, appeared ecstatic about leaving the program.

Ndaba announces her departure from the program on Instagram. Ndaba portraying Dudu Kubheka in a brief boomerang video she released is smiling with happiness and pleasure.

“And it’s an official wrap for Duduzile Kubeka❤️ Thank you so much for watching, it’s been real,” wrote Sihle Ndaba

One of the famous roles, especially at a period when awareness of gender and sexual orientation is at its height, was played by Ndaba as a lesbian. Because of how easygoing and relatable her character was, viewers fell in love with her.

Her portrayal of a businesswoman in a very high position within the family firm broke down barriers and preconceptions associated with the typical lesbian portrayals on television. The fair and equal portrayal of the queer community astounded the spectators just as much.

Although Ndaba does not identify as LGBT in real life, she once said that playing this part was both tough and enlightening for her. To provide her supporters and viewers with a character who was thoroughly thought out and developed, she had to really delve into her artistic abilities.

Actors and actresses in the industry who know Sihle Ndaba have praised her for her outstanding skill in playing Dudu Kubheka.

Evidently, for some of her admirers and Scandal followers, who have grown to love and cherish her on their television screens, it is still bittersweet. Additionally, Nomvelo Makhanya, who had been playing the part of Lindiwe for years, shocked everyone by leaving the show before Sihle Ndaba did.

takarani_wrote “😂😂😂l love you but my heart was broken last night Shem . After Lindiwe’s death and now this 😭”

ruth_nashe wrote “You will still be my favorite dude🔥🙌”

makhanya.thami wrote “Shine that light gorgeous 😍”

Following her departure from Scandal, Nomvelo Makhaya also sends a touching statement to Sihle Ndaba. Nomvelo Makhanya received a response from Sihle Ndaba that included heart emojis and the moniker lunchbar, which could only be used on set.

mvelomakhanya wrote “Upwards we go, ke sana 😅🫢💃🏾🤍🤍🤍”

Due to a better employment opportunity, Dudu left the show while she was heading to France. She was still torn between getting back together with her ex, Lera, and getting engaged to Bridget before she left. She did the unthinkable when, after rejecting Lera’s marriage proposal, she left Bridget and proceeded to fly alone to France.

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