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Kenyan Journalist Louis Otieno’s Son ,Silas Miami marries his lover Patrick in South Africa

Silas Miami marries lover Patrick Miami (COURTESY)

Kenyan Journalist Louis Otieno’s Son marries his love in South Africa

Former TV anchor Louis Otieno’s son, Silas Miami has come out as gay and married to his lover for over one year in South Africa.

Taking to Facebook, the filmmaker, photographer cum musician introduced his partner, Patrick Miami who took his last name adding that he was aware his post would ignite a lot of criticism but he was ready to take it all.

“I met and married someone just under a year ago. He’s got all the things: Kindness, courage, honesty, etc. While all this is all fine and great, that’s not why I married him,” reads the post in part.

He further continues, “In fact, neither of us believed in marriage. We still don’t. But after months of us looking at options for what companionship would look like, especially seeing as travel isn’t exactly easy for us, we settled on going for it. We maintain an ethically polyamorous situation because monogamy gives us both migraines. That being said, Patrick Miami (yes, he took my name) is my primary life partner and I’m proud to be his.”

He further hinted that they would do a proper wedding after celebrating a decade in marriage.

In an interview last year, Silas had indicated that he had not communicated with his dad for quite a while although the two had a cordial relationship.

“My mother was technically a single mother. I had no relationship with my father. He was the man we watched on TV. However, we met later on in life when he fell sick and I was helping with the bill. We have a cordial relationship. Although we do not talk, I wish him well and he does the same for me. I got to the point where I realised that parents too are only human and a product of what they have seen in life. I have come to recognise my father’s failures, but also acknowledge his humanity,” he said in an interview with a local blog.

Miami is behind the creation of local films including Disconnect, Supa Modo and Lusala.

Otieno, the celebrated tv personality had been ailing for a period of time thus invited colleagues and well-wishers for the final fundraiser at the Villarosa Kempinski to aid offset his medical bills.

The fundraiser which was meant to raise Sh4 million for the surgery required the invited guests to pay Sh50,000 each for the dinner minus the contribution.

His story had made headlines in February after a sit down with Dr Mercy Korir. A teary Louis spoke about his loss of hearing while undergoing treatment for acute pancreatitis, loss of once close and influential friends.

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