Simphiwe Dana breaks up with her lover

Simphiwe Dana breaks up with her lover

Simphiwe Dana breaks up with her lover. Simphiwe Dana, a Grammy-winning songwriter, performer, and lesbian lover of Phumeza Matshikiza, has ended their relationship. International opera vocalist Phumeza is based in Berlin, Germany. After almost three years of dating, the pair split up, according to sources close to them.

On her Twitter feed in 2020, Simphiwe made her coming out announcement. Her fans were supportive. After coming out, she was the subject of conversation. She became popular after revealing that she was living her truth. According to a report, she acknowledged that coming out would elicit a range of responses, including some individuals blocking her, but she was still planning to wed a woman despite this.

The couple were together for almost a year when they announced their engagement in December 2020. “It took me a long time to accept that I’m queer. And please, take it from me, I have never lied to you. I’m now getting married to the most amazing person. I need you to be happy for me,” Simphiwe posted in March 2021.

But regrettably, their relationship is said to have ended. According to a source close to the couple, Simphiwe and Phumeza split amicably, ZiMoja reported.

“There are no bad vibes between them, they are in different head spaces and zones when it comes to life,” adds the source. The source added that Simphiwe has already moved on with her ex-girlfriend, a well-known actress whose name is known to afromambo.

“The couple recently attended an event together and Phumeza’s family was happy that she is back with her ex.”I am not sure whether they did not like Simphiwe or they just preferred the ex,” adds the source. When called for comment, the Ndiready hitmaker refused to comment citing that she does discuss her personal business in the media. “Unfortunately. I won’t discuss my personal affairs with the media,”


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