Simz Ngema comes clean on visiting Thabo Bester in prison

Simz Ngema comes clean on visiting Thabo Bester in prison

Simz Ngema comes clean on visiting Thabo Bester in prison. Simphiwe Ngema, a South African actress and media figure, has been under fire online since April 2018 after it was revealed that she had visited a jail to meet with Thabo Bester, a convicted Facebook r@pist. Bester was well known for using the alias Tom Motsepe.

People were outraged by the news and accused Ngema of being too cozy with Bester, who had been found guilty of raping seven women that he had met on the social networking site. In a message that has since been taken down from social media, Ngema defended her visit to Bester in prison. She stated that Bester had appeared to be “connected” and “portrayed himself to be in the entertainment industry” when he had visited them as TK Motsepe, and that this was how he had introduced himself to her and other people.

Ngema went on to claim that she and numerous other members of the public had reservations for meetings and significant events that Bester was able to plan. She said that she performed at occasions scheduled by 21st Century, a business that Bester was purported to be associated with, but that she was never paid for her services.

As a result of this information, Ngema was criticized by a number of people for dating Bester. One businessman claims that Ngema persuaded him to construct an R200,000 kitchen for her mother in exchange for visibility and publicity on social media. The owner of Grand Kitchen Designs asserts that before Ngema’s mother contacted him about remodeling it, her kitchen was completely damaged in a fire.

Ngema was ready to spend R200,000 on the kitchen, according to the shop owner, so that she could give it to her mother. On the other hand, he revealed that Ngema had paid for the construction of the kitchen in return for online recognition. He continued by adding that Ngema had asserted that Bester was to blame for the kitchen’s fire destruction. The owner continued by providing screenshots of their conversation.

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