Sizwe Dhlomo not sorry about the Unathi and Kaya FM saga.

Sizwe Dhlomo is still not sorry about the Unathi and Kaya FM saga

Sizwe Dhlomo not sorry about the Unathi and Kaya FM saga. Unathi Nkayi, a veteran broadcaster and musician, recently made news once more as a result of her ongoing spat with her former radio station Kaya959. This occurred as it became known that Unathi was suing the radio station and seeking an R1.6 million settlement.

Reported by Sunday World at the time stating:

Unathi Nkayi, the former Kaya FM DJ and Idols SA judge who has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, Kaya FM, for unlawful termination after a verbal altercation with Sizwe Dhlomo. According to Sunday World, Unathi is seeking compensation for unpaid salary, damages, defamation, and impairment of dignity.

Given the hostility between Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi after the latter was fired, it was not unexpected when Sizwe joined the conversation on the timeline after the news broke.

Sizwe Dhlomo not sorry about the Unathi and Kaya FM saga

Sizwe Dhlomo not sorry about the Unathi and Kaya FM

Recently, it was claimed that Unathi received a salary of R81 250.00 while working for Kaya959. Considering that she didn’t even have a drivetime or breakfast program, it’s a lot of many.

One social media user chose to tag Sizwe and inquire as to if he felt bad for collecting Unathi’s income after the news appeared on the blue app. Sizwe, being Sizwe, confronted the situation head-on by emphasizing his innocence. As a result, he didn’t feel bad about it.

“She lied & got what she deserved.” Sizwe Dhlomo tweeted

Additionally, when a follower made Sizwe feel bad. Sizwe further stated that they will be equally joyful when the time comes for his own demise, demonstrating his lack of concern.

A recap of the start of the drama between Sizwe and Unathi was reported as:

At the time of her firing, Unathi had claimed that Sizwe had verbally abused her, and that she had even felt afraid for herself. All of this allegedly happened when Sizwe got to the studio late, and Unathi was angry that he had kept her waiting, resulting in a verbal altercation.

In later details, it came out that the altercation had been recorded, and Unathi had stretched the truth about feeling afraid for herself. Although the show was off air at the time, the equipment was all still on, and captured the whole conversation.

Following investigations by the radio station, Unathi was found to have lied, and was thus let go by the channel effective immediately. But one voice was suspiciously missing from the whole online conversation regarding the real circumstances -Sizwe Dhlomo’s.

He has now finally come out to respond to everything and clear his name. According to him, Unathi tried to frame him for abuse and get him axed, but it all backfired on her.

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