Skeem Saam’s Meneer Magongwa got viewers talking

Skeem Saam’s Meneer Magongwa got viewers talking

Skeem Saam’s Meneer Magongwa got viewers talking.

Turf High on Skeem Saam has a new principle, Meneer Magongwa. However, Manaka or Evelyn would have made superior choices in reality.

Magongwa is very sentimental and sees everything as an individual. Whether he will disprove the doubters can only be determined with time.

While this was going on, Clement and Oritonda suffered abuse for being gay. And his aunt Pretty was correct to call the police to arrest their assailants and confiscate the keys when she did. Why should they be allowed to punish people for following their hearts?

Ona, Isaac’s daughter from House of Zwide, expelled him from his own home after lately learning that he had stolen her at infancy. Then, when a heist went bad and he was shot, she let him stay.

Instead of the other way around, Ona ought to have asked him if she may stay in his home.

She continued by telling her homeless buddy Sandile that he could live with her lover Soka because he has space.

She did not bother to inquire as to Soka’s approval. How does she perceive herself?

On Generations: The Legacy, Sphe’s life has been completely turned upside down.

This came after Kabisi discovered video of her and Philani Magwaza with serial killer Winston’s body, which she had killed.

In order to get Sphe’s uncle Mr. Cele to give up his shares in Ezweni, Kabisi is currently using it as leverage. Confession is the best course of action when dealing with a blackmailer since they won’t stop until they have cheated their victims dry.

Though confessing might end in jail time, it might be the only way to put an end to this.

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