Somizi’s Book ‘ I’m not a chef’ nominated for Gourmand Award in 2022, fans remind him he is an abuser

Somizi’s Book ‘ I’m not a chef’ nominated for Gourmand Award in 2022, fans remind him he is an abuser

Somizi's Book ' I'm not a chef' nominated for Gourmand Award in 2022, fans remind him he is an abuser

Somizi is supposed to be celebrating a big win. He just announced that his book, I am Not a Chef, has been nominated for a Gourmand Award in 2022, in the “Celebrity World Chef” category. But the celebration was abruptly cut short when tweeps revisited the abuse allegations that his estranged husband, Mohale Motaung, leveled against him.

Somizi book I'm not a chef nominated

As Somizi took to social media to announce that in addition to his momentous nomination, he will also be having a birthday tour across Mzansi and Africa, tweeps hopped on his moment to remind him that they had not forgotten that he too is an alleged abuser.

“We have not forgotten you are an abuser”

In the aftermath of Amanda Du Pont and Masechaba Ndlovu accusing Jub Jub of sexual and physical abuse, the rapper has already faced multiple consequences in the court of public opinion. And now tweeps are pointing out the fact that Somizi didn’t face half as much backlash when Mohale accused him, which is a double standard

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According to tweeps, Mzansi is full of double standards. The people who came out strongly to bash Mohale and defend Somizi back then, are now coming out just as strongly to cry for Jub Jub’s blood.

They are also pointing out the fact that this time, nobody is waiting for investigations or calling Amanda a liar, but when Mohale spoke up, he was accused of making it all up. They think that if Amanda is going to be believed without Jub Jub getting the benefit of the doubt, then Somizi should also be facing backlash for his alleged abuse against Mohale.

However, the celebrity chef’s supporters are not taking it lying down. Once again, they believe that Somizi was wrongfully accused, and that they believe him anyway.

Many tweeps think that the double standard is because Somizi and Mohale are gay. They believe that heterosexual couples get more justice in abuse cases, and that gay men tend to have their abuse accusations minimised and made fun of.

Mohale has been getting a lot of sympathy from his fans. It is unfair that his name is being dragged into a saga that has nothing to do with him. They think it is also cruel that he is now being forced to relive one of the most traumatic things that has happened in his life, and that he must once again be publicly shamed, only for no accountability to result from all of it.


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