Soon You Will Be 30years And Broke, Nandi Madida Warns South Africans

Artist and Television personality Nandi Madida gave a chilling warning to young South Africans who are too smart to work hard.

Artist and Television personality Nandi Madida warns young South Africans who are too smart to work hard.

In her twitter statement she implied that at 30 years, everyone should have tangible results of hard work. Nandi warn the 18 -25 years age group who hang out in wrong circles and wasting parent’s money doing nothing productive.

I always say this to young people who work in my company.The ages 18-25 yrs are so critical.If u waste that time being a rebel wasting ur parents money,being cool,hanging around wrong circles etc.U waste so much time&before u know it u’re 30 with nothing to show for your life.

Nandi Madida revealed the importance of being focused at a young age and listening to parent’s good advice. As a 32 year old successful personality, she urged fans to take a leaf off her book, be humble and listen to older people.

I say this as a 32 year old woman.. all the people I know who are successful were all very focused when they were young, still had fun but were humble enough to listen to those who had lived life a little longer.. Listening to my parents good advice saved me from so much

I say this with love.. life goes by so quickly! Every year counts.. minimize your regrets and do the right thing. Take charge of your life! Sending you all love

If you’re 18-25yrs… please don’t waste your precious life being too cool to work hard, coolness doesn’t pay bills, doesn’t help you achieve your dreams and it certainly won’t make you a legend. Be humble and stay focus.

After putting her word across, Nandi Madida encouraged those who have not yet made it in life to own their mistakes and change their situations.

Most importantly, it’s NEVER too late to change your narrative, atonement is key. Take responsibility, own your mistakes and begin to soar. Good luck! I’m excited for our youth!

She also revealed that she is busy preparing for her husband Zakes Bantwini’s birthday party at home. Zakes Bantwini turns 39 years on the 26th of May.