Sophie Ndaba on her struggle with diabetes

Sophie Ndaba on her struggle with diabetes
Sophie Ndaba on her struggle with diabetes. Photo/Instagram

Sophie Ndaba on her struggle with diabetes.

Sophie Ndaba has shared lessons she’s learned through having diabetes on her social media accounts. The actress has been open about her battles with diabetes, which has sparked speculation about her weight loss and demise.

Sophie claimed that having diabetes for nearly ten years had taught her to value each day.

Sophie Ndaba diabetes

She said: “Happy Monday Angels! Living with this deadly disease Diabetes for almost a decade has taught me not to take life for granted being attacked teased laughed at was nothing! Even declared dead most times was nothing!

“Let me tell you living with Diabetes is not something you wish on your enemy. It’s uncomfortable painful confusing deadly and 24/7,,monitoring required! Trust me prevention is better than cure.”

Sophie Ndaba illness

Since disclosing her struggle with diabetes, actress Sophie Ndaba has encountered a variety of difficulties in both the public and private spheres.

Her weight reduction drew a lot of criticism from fans, some of whom even claimed she was dead. She was going through one of the most difficult moments in her life, but the general public had no idea.

Ndaba discussed her battle with depression in an interview with Radio 2000, revealing that she lost weight at a period when she was going through a difficult time. When she looked in the mirror, she claimed she did not even notice that she was dropping weight quickly.

“I was at the deepest point of depression. I can’t even explain it. When I think about it, I am like ‘God, you saved me because I would look in the mirror and see the same voluptuous woman. You wear the same clothes, the same style at that size and you still think it is normal. That is how deep it was, I couldn’t see a thing,” said Ndaba

The former Generations star claimed she didn’t realize how quickly she was losing weight until her pictures started appearing on social media.

“It was like ‘Who are they talking about? They are talking about me!’ I snapped out of it. Nobody came to me, no friends came to me, and said ‘I think you are losing weight too rapidly. Are you still on that diet?” said Ndaba

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