South African celebrities who allegedly can’t speak English properly

 South African celebrities who allegedly can’t speak English properly

South African celebrities who allegedly can’t speak English properly

We’ve made the English language the sole criterion to judge a person’s education, intelligence, desirability, and even their financial status but ENGLISH IS NOT A MEASURE OF INTELLIGENCE…E.G Look at the Chinese..Japanese..Russians .. can’t speak English well but super powers!

You could be a failure with zero talent but if you’re living in India and you know English, you’re covered in all spheres of life. It’s because of this slave mentality/colonial hangover of ours that we give undue importance to a mere language.

English, as we all know is a global language. It’s the lingua franca which means a language that’s spoken as a common means of communication even by people whose first/native languages aren’t English.

English Creating a Rift Between People

Problems arise when people well-versed in English start exhibiting a superiority complex, looking down upon people who don’t know the language. When the skill, talent, education of a person takes a backseat and what remains at the forefront is his/her inability to speak English, that’s when you know that the language isn’t uniting but creating a rift between people.

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South Africa is a diverse country which is made up of 11 official languages. The language of communication is English. However, some of South African citizens are not good in English, they can’t speak it fluently just as they do to their home languages. Here is the top 5 of South African celebrities who are allegedly unable to speak English fluently:

South African celebrities who allegedly can’t speak English properly

1. Babes Wodumo



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The Gqom star who’s best known for her track ‘Hololo’ was exposed in social media platforms that she’s speaking a rotten English, however this 27 year old doesn’t care about that, all she ever cares about is her career.

Babes Wodumo even said it herself that she’s not a native speaker of English, and she never entered those fancy private school, therefore she doesn’t owe anyone a proper English, she’s a Zulu speaker and she’s very proud to be one. Fans supported her on that statement and they also said people must just leave her alone at speak English anyhow she wants.

2. Makhadzi


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She’s an original Venda from Mashamba in the Limpopo province. Apparently this 24 year old admitted herself that she’s very bad when it comes to English, which is why she usually uses Sotho/pedi as a language of communication.

This Matorokosi singer and dancer was once interviewed by this other talk show host, I can’t remember well what they were talking about and Makhadzi said ‘public relationships’ instead of ‘public relations’. People talked about that on Social media and she never cared.

3. Thuthuka Mthembu

She’s best known for her acting role in the SABC 1’s Zulu soapie; Uzalo, playing ‘Nonka’. Well, few months ago, this 21 year old was trending on Social media platforms that she can’t speak English.

Thuthuka was rumoured to be a rotten English speaker after she made a grammatical error in her Tweet. She got dragged in such a way that she had to delete the tweet. Wow! Mzansi people!

4. Papa Penny

Musician and reality star Papa Penny speaks his rotten English openly and he also seem to be proud to be a rotten English speaker.


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