South African lady imprisoned in Thailand gets  to communicate with her mother.

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South African lady imprisoned in Thailand gets  to communicate with her mother.

South African lady imprisoned in Thailand gets  to communicate with her mother.
South African lady imprisoned in Thailand gets  to communicate with her mother.


Ashley Oosthuizen, a 23-year-old South African woman sentenced to life in a Thai prison, has finally been able to communicate with her mother after over three months of Covid ‘quarantine’ (as there was an outbreak in the prison). She was punished after a Thai court found her guilty of receiving a bag of MDMA at the ‘Hot in the Biscuit’ restaurant on Koh Samui in late 2020.

Ashley had worked as a kindergarten teacher on Koh Samui and was well-known on the island for her friendliness. She was eventually laid off, and finding a full-time employment with a work visa was tough. Tristan Nettles, an American expat who gave her a job as a manager, was her then-boyfriend.

Tristan is a self-described “international dark web drug dealer” who sold and imported drugs through a school’s main office using Bitcoin. According to a GoFundMe account, Ashley allegedly signed for a box containing 250 grams of MDMA, a component in ecstasy, in 2020.

Calls for Ashley’s release were rekindled earlier this year, and various South African media sites covered the story after Tristan created a website detailing what he claims are specifics about the drug business. Ashley, he claims, was not involved.

Ashley is now detained at the Nakhon Si Thammarat Central Prison in Nakhon Si Thammarat’s southern province. Ashley spoke with her mother for the first time since February on Friday. After a few people were infected with Covid-19, all detainees were apparently quarantined.

Ashley’s mother, Lynn Blignaut, claims that her daughter is held in a cell with 67 other women who share a single restroom. Lynn told the George Herald newspaper…

“By the grace of God, our daughter was not affected at all and is still in good health and high spirits. We are able to speak with her once a month, for 10 minutes.”

George Herald reports that Tristan claims he is currently voluntarily fighting in Ukraine against Russia to put the spotlight on Ashley.

A family spokesperson, Lizelle Martin, who has been assisting with Ashley’s case, says that there was no evidence found at her apartment and “her drug tests also came back negative”.

“During her interrogation, Ashley was also afraid that she would be assaulted by the officers as the officers spoke loudly and intimidatingly to her. It is very well known that interrogations in some Thai police stations are synonymous with rape and violence. Therefore she signed the arrest report/search warrant without understanding it”, according to a quote in the George Herald article.

The Thaiger has received numerous emails from ‘Tristan Nettles’. We are unable to verify the Gmail account or the contents of the email, but publish the information as it appears to be accurate and the the letter has been republished by other media outlets.

“I am volunteering as a freedom fighter inside of Ukraine with the Wolverines, part of the Ukrainian Foreign Legion. I am a former USMC 0351. I am fighting to free Ashley Oosthuizen and to help free Ukraine.

I am a former international dark web drug dealer. I supplied the Gulf of Thailand with LSD, XTC, MDMA, Ketamine, and high grade marijuana for almost 3 years. My name is Tristan Nettles.

I imported the drugs into the prestigious international school’s mail room that I taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics at. I did this by using the help of a fellow math teacher there who provided me with all of my bitcoin (name redacted) who still works at the same school. We did this for tens of millions of baht. I lived a lavish and party filled lifestyle while maintaining the cover as a respected school teacher.

I used the drug profits to create a business: and then to eventually go to medical school inside Ukraine.

Ashley Oosthuizen is an innocent 23 year old South African who has been in a Thai prison for almost two years. She was given a death sentence commuted to life in prison. (Sentence redacted) I have direct and irrefutable evidence of everything.

Ashley is sick and in ill-health. She desperately needs her story reported.

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