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Viral Video of South African woman dancing suggestively for Nigerian men causes social media uproar! 

South African woman dancing

Watch Viral Video of South African woman dancing suggestively for Nigerian men..

South Africans are calling for Nigerians to leave their country after a South African woman dancing went viral, showing a woman, believed to be from South Africa, twerking for some Nigerian men.

In the video that caused the outrage, a woman is seen pulling down her pants to twerk for some Nigerian men. The twerking woman is seen with lipstick between her butt cheeks as she danced for the men who were speaking Yoruba.

Reacting to the video, South Africans accused Nigerians of all sorts, including drugging and raping their women. Some people pointed out that the woman doesn’t look like she was forced to twerk but others shut them down and stated that, even if she wasn’t forced, she must have been drugged.

South African woman dancing

Mzansi Angry Following A Viral Video Of A Naked SA Woman Dancing For Nigerians

Nigerians in South Africa have once again found themselves between a rock and a hard place as they endured an onslaught from South Africans following a leaked indecent video of an unidentified South African woman dancing naked for Nigerian men who were visibly drunk.

South Africans as of late took to web-based social networking with the hashtag #NigeriaMustFall after a video from Parkland depicted a woman expressing her dance moves to the delight of certain Nigerians.

As indicated by the disgruntled South Africans, Nigerians are the mind behind indecencies like selling drugs and female assault in their nation. The brawl comes close to 12 months after a xenophobic attack was inflicted on Nigerians in South Africa.

South Africans did not waste time and expressed their disappointment on Twitter over the controversial footage as the hashtag #NigeriansMustFall was awash on the platform.


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