Video: South African taxi driver caught having s 3x by the roadside

taxi driver south africa s 3x scene

A South African taxi driver was caught having s3 x by the roadside. The couple seemed not to care much about their surroundings and chose to have s3 x outside the car rather than in the car.

taxi driver south africa sex scene
Video: South African taxi driver caught having sex by the roadside

In the video, a man is seen approaching them with a camera or a phone whilst filming the taxi driver having sex with his companion.



The video was posted by one Codani on his Twitter account. The video was posted with a caption:
“So all taxi drivers do this?”





Taxi wars in South Africa

People using taxi service each day 14 million
Officially registered minibus taxis 200,000
Average taxis per owner 7
Avg monthly kilometres driven by a taxi 8,000
Avg number of passengers transported monthly per vehicle 3,161
Avg time spent daily in a taxi by a passenger 65 min
Avg number of trips per passenger per day 2.3
Data as of 2006[1] The term taxi war is usually used to refer to the turf wars fought between taxi associations and individual minibus taxi drivers in South Africa from the late 1980s onwards.[2] These taxi wars were reported to still be ongoing in 2006.[3]

The multi-billion Rand minibus taxi industry carries over 60% of South Africa’s commuters.[2] Generally speaking, these commuters are all of the lower economic class. Wealthy individuals drive their own cars for safety and convenience. The industry is almost entirely made up of 16-seater commuter Toyota Quantum buses, which are sometimes unsafe or not roadworthy. Minibus taxi drivers are well known for their disregard for the road rules and their proclivity for dangerously overloading their vehicles with passengers.[4]

Due to an effectively unregulated market and the fierceness of competition for passengers and lucrative routes, taxi operators band together to form local and national associations. These associations soon exhibited mafia-like tactics, including the hiring of hit-men and all-out gang warfare.[5][6] These associations also engaged in anti-competitive price fixing.[7]

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