Strong Women Can Do Anything.

Every day I get to hear women say, ‘I am a strong woman’ or ‘if you went through half what I have been through, you would not be alive.’ Well it could be true. I don’t know how you define who a strong woman is but personally that woman is a survivor. She is someone who has gone through thick and thin, braced the dry and bushy grass to grace and is someone who refused to give up despite how hard life, career, relationships, health and or poverty kicked her down.
Well Serena Williams is one definition of strong. I mean there are still sick-minded people who maintain she looks manly (sigh) but did you know she won the Australian Open whilst 11 weeks pregnant. I mean many women can’t, don’t or will not do anything when they are having their menses. She literally proved what dedication, work ethics and carrying on regardless of the situation is all about.

I will give you another example; I have this pal, who literally did anything and everything to get through high school and Uni. When most of us were going for private tuitions during the school holidays, she was walking door to door, doing laundry for people trying to raise money for her school fee and she still ended up scoring a clean A-.To date, I admire her, how hard she goes at every opportunity she gets because all she has done all through her life is fight. 
Strong women are fighters. Even when they have no energy to fight, they live to fight the next day and the next that follows.
There’s a certain woman somewhere who loved with all she got but got bruised for giving out love. She sacrificed all she had for her partner who later pushed her aside or even kicked her to the curb. I know there’s a woman who laid her goals aside to help her better half grow to her level, but he outgrew her and went for the next catch. But she still picked herself up, kept her head up and survived. Strong women survive. Even when they are drowning in deep muddy waters and can’t seem to see what’s ahead of them, they somewhat swim and survive. 
Lastly strong women know when to be persistent and when to walk away. They tend to get rejection, discrimination, insults and it’s like the more a woman persists the more stones are thrown her direction. However the strong ones take such instances to build stronger character, ego, faith and energy to show the world that a strong woman looks directly at a challenge then gives it a wink.
Don’t get me wrong though, being violent and loud doesn’t make you a strong woman.Neither does playing irrational hard to get. 
Strong women know when to speak up and voice out their opinions, desires, feelings and boundaries. Majorly every man’s desire is to have a strong woman by his side and that’s until he finds one and can’t man up to her standards.But this never deters a determined strong woman, because she will either shape you up or shove you out her life.
So hey you strong woman, keep going and the only time you should let your head down is when you are admiring your new Luxe loafers or another strong woman’s heels.

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