Tattoo Artist Has Nose And Ears Cut Off To Resemble A Living Skull

There is no limit to the number of cases depicting people making strange decisions.

However, every now and then, we come across an incident that arguably trumps all of them.

In this case, we’re talking about a Colombian tattoo artist’s decision to chop off his nose and ears to look like a living skull.

Making The Waves

A few years ago, a plethora of strange photos and videos flooded the internet and went viral.

Internet users who saw these pictures claimed that its contents were rather graphic but intriguing at the same time.

People began sharing these photos with their friends and families.

Everyone had different opinions about these images.

However, the one thing that everybody agreed on was that the pictures were quite horrifying at the first look.

So what was in these pictures?

Well, the images contained a man with full-body tattoos, but that was the least intriguing thing about him.

What caught people off-guard the most was his missing nose and ears. It looked quite painful, and understandably so.

After all, who in their right mind would want to disfigure their face like that?

Well, it seems like we now have the answer.

Understandably, this person’s photos made waves all over the internet and sparked curiosity among people.

Meeting The Man

The person in the gruesome online photos is a Colombian tattoo artist named Eric Hincapie Ramirez.

He is in his mid-twenties, and because of his distinctive appearance, people nicknamed him “the Kalaca Skull.”

The name caught on and became an online sensation.

A simple Google search will show you hundreds of images of this person.

Eric was born in Cartago, Colombia, and always had an artistic side to him.

However, he was having difficulty finding a domain in which he could express himself artistically.

As the boy grew older, Eric discovered the world of tattoos.

It was quite fascinating to him, so much so that he decided to get his first tattoo.

Initially, he faced some difficulty in this endeavor because of his mother’s objection.

Therefore, his transformation started after his mother passed away.

Becoming A Tattoo Artist

Getting his first tattoo was quite an exhilarating experience for Eric.

It made him feel alive and inspired him to try his hand at tattoo artistry.

He always wanted to bring his vivid imaginations to life, and this was the best way to achieve that goal.

So, the boy started young.

He would work as an apprentice in different parlors and observed how his peers worked.

It did not take long for Eric to learn this art, and compared to other artists; he picked things quickly.

The attention to detail that he gave to his work was quite astounding for his employers, considering how he was a novice in the field.

Eventually, Eric decided to open his own parlor. It became instantly famous because of Eric’s popularity.

He was exceptionally dedicated to his craft and left no stone unturned to make sure that his work stood out.

A Transformation Unlike Any Other

While there have been several other body transformation over the years, Eric’s was undoubtedly the most extreme.

It all began when he was twelve years old after his mother’s death.

He started with a simple back tattoo of his mom’s face. His friends and family members expressed their disdain for this decision.

However, Eric always wanted to look different and stand out from normal society, which is why the scorn did not affect him at all.

Instead, it encouraged him to follow through with his plan and possibly even make some additions to it.

After some time, the talented tattoo artist decided to add more tattoos to his body.

These weren’t any regular tattoos that you see on most people.

They were quite grotesque and morbid, something that Eric always wanted.

The obsession with transforming did not end there as Eric decided to cut his ears and nose off to resemble a human skull.

Eric approached several surgeons in this city to follow through with the procedure, but no one wanted any part of it.

The process seemed inhumane and could compromise the patient’s life if there were any complications.

It didn’t discourage Eric from looking for other surgeons.

Eventually, he came across a group of doctors who agreed to perform the surgery for a hefty fee.

We all know the results of the procedure.

Just like the man known as Kalaca Skull always wanted, his face looked like a living skull.

With his nose and ears sliced off, he looked horrifying, as you would imagine a decaying head to appear.

Surprisingly though, Eric did not stop there as he tattooed his face with various drawings to realize his artistic dreams.

What Motivated Eric To Go Ahead With The Transformation?

In an interview, Eric claimed that he always had a vivid imagination.

He was and still is, particularly fascinated with skulls.

The initial plan was to make different skull tattoos all over his body.

However, as the boy grew, he realized that it wouldn’t be enough to stand out.

Therefore, Eric started planning for a drastic transformation, which would make him look like a living skull.

Out of all the other things Eric could have done, the reason why he decided to become a skull was that it highlighted that we are all flesh and bones.

According to the boy, things like gender and social status did not matter as, in the end, our bodies decay into bones.

Looking at Eric will make you realize that he indeed is the living embodiment of his grim outlook on life.

What’s fascinating about all of this is that he plans to transform further.

The tattoo artist expressed his desire to slice his phallus off after some time.

It is a strange decision, but considering Kalaca’s Skull’s choices so far, it looks likely that he will follow through with the procedure.

Before his transformation, Eric Hincapie Ramirez was a handsome boy.

People still question his change.

While the artist provided his reasons, some people don’t buy it, claiming that he could have mental issues.

Whether that is true or not remains to be seen.

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