Things you should do from age 18-49

Things you should do from age 18-49

Things you should do from age 18-49

It’s one of those big moments in life; a real milestone. Your teen turns (or you turn) 18 and suddenly people start throwing around the word “adult” in reference to someone you very much still think of as a “kid.”

You may look at them and think with a healthy dose of skepticism, “Really, an adult?” But once the candles are blown out you may shed a tear or two because deep down you understand that things are changing, really changing.

This is not a birthday like any other, your 18th birthday may be the biggest one of them all.

Making ice changing decisions will help you led a good life with no regrets and later enjoy your sunset years.

We’ve made a summary for things you should do from age 18-49;

1. Make friends with winners

If you want to learn, grow and become better faster than anyone else…

Rub shoulders with winners

There is no way you will lose.

2. Start businesses

Have businesses online and offline,

They will help you learn what you are capable of.

3. Invest

Invest in real estate, index funds and other assets.

Be patient with your portfolio

And sooner than you think

Money will be flowing into your bank account.

4. Start a family

There’s no point of working hard for nothing

Have a family to push you up when you are down.

Also teach them what you are about

So that they can be your best team when you need them.

5. Work out

Obesity is a 100% avoidable.

Start with the basics;

• Push ups

• Stretches

• Walks

It won’t take a lifetime before you start seeing amazing results.

Your family and friends will be proud of you.

6. Spend time alone

If you can’t spend time alone then you will never grow to the person you desire.

You need to spend time alone, plan and audit your your life.

7. Have great s.ex

Quit watching p.ornn and masturbating…

Meet new people, fall in love and have great sex

It’s fun

But only if you’re working on your goals.

8. Travel to different countries

Experience different cultures and know what others are about.

Don’t confine yourself at one place.

If you can’t travel, then connect with others on social media.

9. Cut all toxic habits and friends

Toxic habits and friends will drag you down.

Cut them from your life and watch yourself grow.

10. Forgive your parents

Responsibilities are overwhelming…

You learn this when you have them.

You will understand your parents better and forgive them.

11. Eat what you want

If you’re working out and making money…

Then why not eat what you want?

Eat what feels great to you

Remember what you eat determines your mood all day.

12. Talk less

The more you talk, the higher the chances you’ll start lying.

You will also argue a lot if you talk a lot.

Learn to talk only when it’s important.

13. Learn how to listen

The more you listen, the better the answers you provide.

You also learn a lot when you listen more.

14. Have goals

Goals will make you enjoy your days instead of trying to find days you will enjoy.

Have deadlines to make it even more exciting to see the following day.

15. Have enough rest daily

Productivity increases with rest.

The more you rest, the more you can accomplish in a short period of time,

Especially if you have a to-do list.

16. Have hobbies

Here are some cool hobbies you can pick,

• Archery

• Handstands

• Chess

• Yoga

• Writing

• Trail Running

• Rock Climbing

• Painting

• Pool

• Ping Pong

These will make your days more enjoyable.

17. Learn new skills

Learn money making skills like;

• Building Landing pages

• Flipping

• Reselling

• E-commerce

• Graphics designing

• Programming

• Copywriting

• Ghost writing

18. Learn life skills like;

• Martial arts
• Eye contact
• Basic respect
• How to say ‘no’
• Negotiation skills
• Deal with rejection
• Money management
• Taking accountability
• How to harness emotions
• How to stay out of drama
• How to give a firm handshake