How many times should a Woman get laid

How many Times should a Woman get laid?

According to study published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour, married couples under the same roof have s.e.x about 51 times each year, or about once a week.This compares with the average adults enjoying s.e.x 54 times a year or just over once a week. But most interestingly, the research showed a drop in recent years compared to between 2000 and 2004, in fact nine few times per year.But the real question is ,how many times should a Woman get laid?

There are admittedly so many many norms we subscribe to as humans. Most of which are medically inclined.From brushing our teeth twice a day, to drinking eight cups of water daily.These daily norms not only help us live a healthy lifestyle, but they bring about a certain element of discipline to our lives.Speaking of norms, another norm we tend to shy away from talking about is the s.e.x norm.

How often should one have s.e.x?

Paying closer attention to women, whom recent research suggests that they have a greater s.e.xual appetite than their male counterparts.

How often should they have sex?

Let’s have a look:
According to s.e.xologists, women tend to adopt their respective partners’ s.e.xual patterns and appetite.

We have mentioned that research conducted by the Kinsey Institute of S.e.x, Reproduction and Gender suggests that people between the ages of 18 and 29 should be having s.e.x 112 times a year, which works out as twice a week on average.Meaning that in a year, they would engage in s.e.xual activities 54 times.

Now when it comes to women, s.e.xual activities depend on an individual.

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Take a nympho for instance.

A nympho is a women with very strong s.e.xual desires.This individual, according to experts, has s.e.xual desires four to five times a day.These may be triggered by lust, p0rn0graphy or a particular word or phrases.

A nympho is said to have s.e.x four to five times a week.
Sexologists also attribute a female’s s.e.xual appetite to what she eats.

Eggs, coke, wine, cheese and listen to this, a packet of Doritos – the sweet chilli flavor, are but some foods and beverages that if eaten and consumed daily, can contribute to a women’s s.e.xual appetite.So unlike their male counterparts, women’s s.e.xual appetite has various aspects to it and therefore cannot be a one size fits all approach.So take the time to understand her s.e.xual appetite and like the river, go with the flow.

Source-Men’s Health

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