TK Nciza pays lobola for his fiancée

TK Nciza pays lobola for his fiancée

TK Nciza pays lobola for his fiancée. Politician and businessman TK Nciza from South Africa pays lobola through his uncles for his fiancée Lebo Phasha.

ZiMoja reports that Nhlanhla Mafu’s ex-husband has found new love and is getting ready to establish a family with her.

TK Nciza pays lobola for his fiancée

TK Nciza pays lobola for his fiancée

“Family helps to ground one’s character. Even the Bible says ‘He who finds a wife, finds a good thing. I am a very private person, I can’t share all details, but I am happy’.

“It’s important to have a good, healthy family structure, especially when one is in politics,” the publication quoted Nciza as saying.

TK Nciza pays lobola for his fiancée

Nhlanhla and TK declared their divorce in 2019, but they have since found new partners and are essentially coparenting.

“After almost 15 years of our strong bond of marriage, my husband TK Nciza and I have come to a tough but amicable decision to bring an end to our union. I am thankful for the support we have given each other over the years while raising our children. We shall remain on good terms and continue our endeavour to be great and exemplary parents to our children,” the songstress said over 3 years ago.

The band Mafikizolo is where Nhlanhla Mafu first gained fame. Theo Kgosinkwe and the two of them have succeeded in the music industry by consistently producing successes.

Nhlanhla and her ex-husband, Thembinkosi Nciza, first connected in the 1990s when he was, and still is, a businessman and music artist. From that point forward, the couple clicked, and they remained together until their latest breakup and divorce. According to reports, Nhlanhla Mafu declared their divorce soon after renewing their vows, with rumors of infidelity and cheating being put forward as the cause.

Thembinkosi Nciza, also known as TK Nciza, was reported to be dating a mysterious woman, and the two were thought to have started dating in 2015. Nhlanhla Mafu never revealed the reason for her divorce, but rumors that circulated on social media and in other publications indicated that adultery and cheating were to blame.

The co-parenting of their four adorable sons by TK Nciza and Nhlanhla Mafu has never been associated with any hostility, according to the two. She must have made the deliberate choice to resume using her maiden name in order to regain control over her life and possibly start over.

Nhlanhla Mafu has been getting incredible love and support on social media as she continues to embrace her identity, live life to the utmost, and look stunning while doing it.



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