Tweeps react to Jub Jub’s new fiancée

Tweeps react to Jub Jub’s new fiancée

Tweeps react to Jub Jub’s new fiancée.

Jub Jub is all over social media after pictures of himself and his fiancé have gone viral.

For a very long time, rumors have claimed that Jub Jub is wed to Zenith “Zee” Mia, an Italian Capetonian.

Tweeters have reacted to the image by sharing amusing memes to make fun of it.

Jub jub fiancee

Though it’s unknown if the woman is Zenith, images of another woman who is reportedly his fiancée have surfaced.

Tweeps react to Jub Jub’s new fiancée.

Here are reactions from Twitter

“I don’t blame him… Nami I want a white girlfriend 😂😂ngizwile abo indoda must 😓”

“I commend white men for having a sharpest taste when choosing black women. Ayi thina we are failing when going for white women. We always go for the ones that are shaped like amoeba. ”

“The white dudes go for the baddest black huns Nina niyabutha nje nanoma yini as long as ingumlungu…. Niyasihlaza bafwethu😭😭”

“Its not a lie. I dated a white chick and her parents raused her well and her father was in her life. Wanna know the best part? Never did I get “sbwl wings” ever!!!🥲”

“Before going into prison, he was with Kelly Khumalo.

He met Zenith Mia whilst in prison.

He might of temporarily lost the Moja Love gig, he because he has other business ventures like the Drip Store @ Maponya Mall & IV injection amongst other businesses, she wouldn’t leave.”

“If he had a black wife. She would have dumped him when he went to jail or when he lost lamasimba ka uya jola 99 “

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