Tweeps React To SK Khoza’s Viral S*x Scene

Tweeps React To SK Khoza's Viral S*x Scene

Tweeps React To SK Khoza‘s Viral S*x Scene.

Following the release of a popular video featuring the actor from The Black Door that contains s*xual language, SK Khoza has once again topped the Twitter trends list.

The graphic s*xual scene is from a season of the obscene drama The Black Door on eTV. In the scene, Linda Sebezo’s Mam Rebs and SK can be seen enjoying a sensual encounter.


SK posted the clip to his Instagram stories, where it quickly gained popularity online. On his Instagram account, SK was getting close to 1 million followers; now, he has 1 million.

Twitter users believe that this was likely his plan to increase his following. View internet comments in response to the s*x scene.

“I can’t believe gore I just saw SK Khoza having s*x with Maki Magwaza. I know they were acting but yoh???? I need to unsee that with immediate effect.”


“SK Khoza knows that bad publicity sells, there more people keeps talking about him the more gigs he will get.”

Hao ngeke was SK Khoza supposed to post what he just posted? What the hell is going on? Hai cha. I give up.”

“If there’s someone who took lemons and made a lemonade, it has to be SK Khoza. his PR team is capitalising hard on the controvesy, aligning him with gigs & everyone in the business wins, wena production show, his acting career, team working with him. What a way to spice up SA TV”


That nigga just don’t care yall will write paragraphs after paragraphs. He’s living that one. Personally I stan but it’s whatever”

SK has previously become popular because of a popular s*x tape that includes him. He became popular after a graphic s*x tape that included him and an unidentified woman surfaced a few months back.

He didn’t care that the s*x tape had been posted online. The actor instead declared that he has created an Only Fans Account. The leaked n#de video of Lulo Cafe was followed immediately by the s*x scene.


Musa Khawula, a contentious blogger, leaked the footage. His account on Twitter was instantly suspended after he published that video. Lulo Cafe apologized to his supporters on Twitter and claimed he was out of steam.


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