Unathi Keeps Distance From Her Best Friend Somizi

Unathi Keeps Distance From Her Best Friend Somizi

Unathi keeps distance from best friend somizi

Unathi and Somizi Mhlongo were once the best of friends, but their bond appears to have cooled over time, as they have stopped posting to each other without giving an explanation as to what occurred. When Somizi was still on the Idols SA judge’s panel with Unathi and Randall, we saw their camaraderie.

Recently, Unathi decided to take to her social media to address the issue of R.Kelly’s case, and instead of people commenting on the same topic, some decided to question Unathi on her friendship with Somizi.

“To all my friends who think you’re going to continue playing R.Kelly in my presence, today it stops. No more philosophical stuff about you separating the genius from the monster. It stops today okay…unless you live being a trigger”, Unathi posted on her Instagram.

Unathi keeps distance from her best friend somizi



@thelmathamaga said, “But isn’t Somizi and DJ Fresh still your friends? Get out of here”. Unathi responded to this comment by saying, “No…get out of what? They are not my friends and neither are you”.

Unathi keeps distance from best friend somizi

@Intombu_yakwazulu said, “You are still friends with abo fresh nabo Somizi who were accused of similar cases sisi…I feel sorry for your friends”. Unathi replied again and made it clear that they are not friends by saying, “We’re not friends”.

Some other people even started to give comments saying that Unathi wrote this R.Kelly post just to protect her job on Idols SA.


@shining_jerry said, “Aunty is protecting her Idols SA job…we all know everyone loves his songs and you as well…calm down, your job is safe. He will pay for what he did…and next time send the message to your friends, not on Instagram”.

Even though we do not really know what happened between Unathi and Somizi, it seems like she is sure that they are no longer friends. We wait for the day that one of them will come out and tell us what separated them because they were so close to each other.

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