US Lady Offers Free Food, Clothing To Less Fortunate Kids

US Lady Offers Free Food, Clothing To Less Fortunate Kids

A kind US lady has warmed the hearts of many after opening a shop that provides food and clothing to the less fortunate kids all for free.

Through her social media pages, the lady identified as Jasmine announced that she was setting up a grocery store in a Title One School where needy kids would pick food and clothing for free.

Initially, her shop did not have many items and also the design was not as par standards but she recently revamped.

”Tomorrow I’m opening my first grocery store in a Title One school. I doubt I sleep tonight – imagine a parent between checks who can order dinner and breakfast for their family thru our app and their child bring it home. I’m changing lives man, no one does it like me. Just wait!” she wrote.

The philanthropist also used the opportunity to thank her partners who helped her see the vision come to reality.

“This is 100% FREE for all students and families thanks to an amazing partner who I’ll announce tomorrow. It will be restocked every week and featured a hygiene and clothing closet too. 67% of the children live in poverty – the principal has told me this is life for his students,” Jasmine added.

Her comment section on Twitter was filled with so much love. Here are some of them;

@rahaeli: May it feed families for years to come until we can finally catch up to the idea that nobody should be hungry in the first place

@davidrichardson: This is brilliant! Hope some local farmers will chip in too with fruit and veggies

@Teachingmama3: I love this. I’m a high school teacher and have a stash of snacks in my classroom for students but your store is beautiful and what a great thing families can order and then kids take home

@babyglossy_: I’m in literal tears, happy tears for these babies! Loudly crying face You’re on an escalator straight to heaven queen