Uthandonesthemy yet another secret revealed about makhumalo

#UthandoNesthembu: Yet Another secret revealed about MaKhumalo

Now, there are things that we will never get to know as far as the marriage is concerned, and one might be interested to know how Mseleku got to be with his wives.

There have been times when the wives mentioned that they found themselves in polygamy with no intention to be in it. The reason that the wives usually give is that, they love Mseleku, hence they have been able to share him.

When it comes to how the marriage came to be and how Mseleku met his third wife, we really do not know much, however, there is one thing that some people have gotten to know recently.

And it is some sort of a revelation to some people, it very well could be that a lot of people did not about it. Surprisingly, there are people who expect MaKhumalo to understand why her husband wants to take another wife.

There are people who actually criticise some of the things MaKhumalo does, she gets a lot of love and gets a lot of hate, one person mentioned that MaKhumalo knows very well what Mseleku is capable of.

The person went on to point out that, MaKhumalo was seeing Mseleku when he was her roommate’s boyfriend and this came as a shock to a lot of people. It is not clear who is the roommate she was referring to, it is probably one of the wives or one of Mseleku’s ex-girlfriends.

This has not gotten that much reaction, maybe it was once mentioned on the show or the person who mentioned it is just one of those people on Twitter who make stuff up for whatever reason. But, one thing that we know is true is that, MaKhumalo had an idea what kind of man Mseleku was before things got too deep between them.

And she most likely would not dispute this, MaKhumalo is not unnecessarily making things difficult for Mseleku about the “Khumalo girlfriend” issue, that is more of an assumption that people are making.

She actually seems like she is understanding regarding the matter, maybe she has her concerns, but that is actually expected. The other wives also have their concerns about this and this is something they can discuss with Mseleku and everything might end up working out.

As for what was said about MaKhumalo, if it happened that she was seeing Mseleku when he was with her roommate, then it is really not a big deal as long as there was an understanding between the parties involved.