Wednesday , August 5 2020

VIDEO: Ex Minister  Wife damages G63 AMG Car Amid Cheating Rumors

Malusi Gigaba’s Wife damages His G63 AMG Car Amid Cheating Rumors

As the old adage goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, former South African minister Malusi Gigaba, might just have had a first hand experience of what that means.

This follows after the minister woke up to find his luxury G63 AMG trashed and wrecked.

There are rumors that his wife Norma Gigaba or some other scorned woman might have gone all ‘Beyoncé Lemonade Style’ on his expensive toy.

This follows reports that the couple’s (Malusi and Norma) marriage is on the rocks after the two scrubbed each other off social media.Malusi and Norma

When a video clip of the badly damaged vehicle emerged online , the Twitter FBI were quick to notice that the person who was showing on the reflection was indeed the former minister.

Said one Twitter user

Guys what’s going on here? Is this who I think it is?? Looking at the reflection.
On a reflection kuyabonakala ukuthi u ex Minister

Unconfirmed suspicions are that Malusi might have cheated again, prompting the wrath of his wife Norma who Twitter FBI noted might be the only one who has access to his house garage.Snap of the scratched vehicle

The G63 AMG is said to cost about R3 086 653, shuuuu the ex Minister must be having pains in his chest!

Lets see what the rest of Twitter had to say

“Imagine it was your car in that malusi gigaba voice imagine it was on your mouth”
“If Malusi Gigaba can’t take care of home how is that guy going to lead an entire organization like the ANC”
“My goodness whoever scratched Malusi Gigaba’s car was raging with anger.”

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