VIDEO: Gorilla blocks the road for its family to pass safely

Imagine a gorilla blocks a road to allow his family to pass safely and the whole world goes wow!

VIDEO: Gorilla blocks the road for its family to pass safely
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The gorilla blocks the road for its family to pass safely. One male gorilla is seen displaying power and perfectly preserving the safety of the troops in a video that has surfaced.

A human gravel road meets the path taken by the silverback gorilla, who commands the group from the front. The gorilla sees humans traveling through the jungle and erects its enormous monument just in the center of the street.

It just froze, staring steadily at the front without perking, looking sideways, or shaking. The other members of the gorilla family hurry across the street, trusting in the silverback’s defense. Both older and younger gorillas are present in the troop.

A group of tourists and adventurers watch in awe as the family crosses the road as the gorilla blocks the way while standing close to the bush a few meters away from the crossing troop. They also take pictures of the action. Despite being heavily loaded with bags, a little truck in the distance has also come to a stop.

The last gorilla to cross the bridge is carrying a youngster on its back.

The final gorilla emerges from the forest as one brave-looking photographer approaches the group. Before the photographer can get away, it stops and leers at the arrogance of the human.

Gorillas are generally peaceful animals but can cause considerable damage when threatened.

Watch the video:

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