Viral photos of Nelson Mandela’s look-alike

Viral photos of Nelson Mandela’s look-alike

Pictures of man who looks like the former South African President Nelson Mandela are trending on Twitter. The pictures seem to have reminded people how influential Madiba still is in the world.

Viral photos of Nelson Mandela’s look-alike

Ranked as one of the greatest men of all time in the world Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela remains an inspiration to the whole world. The identity of the man in the pictures is not known but his similar resemblances to Madiba have captured the attention of many.

Many tweeps are delighted to see this man and pass comments like,

“They do look-alike reminds me of the Great man Tata.”

“I think they are twin brothers, although this one is a bit shorter.”

“Wow looks like Madiba.”

“Reminds me of Madiba, the man was great and fought for the greater good of our lives in South Africa.”

Nelson Mandela never wavered in his dedication to democracy, equality and learning. Despite horrible provocation, he never responded to racism with racism. His life is an inspiration to all who are oppressed and deprived.


Viral photos of Nelson Mandela’s look-alike

He set an example in Africa that many leaders try to replicate in making the continent a better place for everyone. On the 10th of December 1993 Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize Award in Oslo City Hall Norway. From this he was known as Africa’s Greatest Freedom Symbol.

Hopefully this doppelganger lives up to his look-alike and makes his community a better place. One can imagine the fame he has just from looking like one of the greatest people to ever walk this earth.

The unfortunate demise of Nelson Mandela came on December 5, 2013. To show his greatness, leaders from all over the world flew to South Africa and it was a sad moment for everyone. Long Live Madiba.