Viral Video of Man Driving with Large Snake Leaves South Africans bewildered

The clip of a man driving in a busy street with a large snake in his car is going viral online!


The  man in a convertible can be seen trying to calm down the snake, which seems to be a little restless


South African social media users were left  bewildered

Some people honestly have no chill. A man driving with a large snake while on a busy road is one of those people. In a clip shared online, the man can be seen with a snake curled near the windscreen of the car.

The clip, which was posted by @Advobarryroux, shows the man trying to keep the snake calm as it moves to face him while he and a passenger travel in the black convertible completely aware that they’re being recorded.

Viral Video of Man Driving with Large Snake Leaves South Africans bewildered


“True Madness”: Clip of Man Driving With Large Snake Leaves SA Baffled
This has left many with questions. Images: @advobarryroux
Source: Twitter

“Madoda & then? A whole snake?” he captioned the strange clip.

Locals were just as confused as the poster. Many of them headed to the comment section to try and make sense of what they just watched. Read a few of their comments below:

@Kim_Laura1 said:

“He’s a sangoma, Treasure Nkwambe.”
@Jeffrey17397592 said:

“True madness, these are the guys who never wanted school and saw snakes as the future.”
@leboco said:

“Most people buy pythons they’re just exotic pets and easy to keep.”
@MAPOMA19 said:

“If it was a white person, you were gonna say it’s a pet but because he’s black you say is witchcraft, aaiii Satafrika.”


In the funny clip that was shared on Twitter by @Shonny_RSA, the woman can be seen getting on the scooter with a lot of reservation. Before long she is seen speeding down a dusty road and then crashing to the floor much to the dismay of the person who is recording the clip.

“Another reason why women pay more for insurance,” @shonny_rsa captioned the hilarious clip.