WATCH: AKA was allegedly shot dead by a woman

AKA was allegedly shot dead by a woman

AKA was allegedly shot dead by a woman. The horrifying CCTV footage of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ murder has gone viral. The murderer can be seen waiting for AKA in the video from a distance on Florida Road in Durban. AKA is killed by a headshot after the shooter quickly approaches him after he finishes hugging a “friend.”

The disturbing film depicts the events leading up to, during, and following the murder of AKA and does not include a trigger warning for sensitive viewers. Fans were shocked by the heartbreaking video, and many are still attempting to piece everything together.

AKA was allegedly shot dead by a woman

When you watch closely you can clearly see it’s a woman according to her physique and facial structure. This is yet to be confirmed as the assassin’s are still at large.

Watch the video below


The blood that poured out of AKA’s skull as soon as he hit the ground frightened many people.

Before he passed away, AKA was having a good time with friends at Wish on Florida Road in Durban.

Many people were shocked and traumatized by the CCTV film and felt bad for the family.

His passing occurred in Durban on Friday, February 10, according to the Forbes family. They requested prayers as they dealt with the death. His parents, Tony and Lynn Forbes, acknowledged his passing in a statement.

“It is with extreme sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our beloved son, and confirm his untimely and tragic passing on the evening or February 10, 2023. We are awaiting further details from Durban police.

“To us, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend, most importantly father to his beloved daughter Kairo,” his parents added. “To many, he was AKA, Supa Mega, Bhova and the many other names of affection his legion of fans called him by. Our son was loved and gave love in return.

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