Watch: Sol Phenduka’s dancing has social media in stitches

Watch: Sol Phenduka’s dancing has social media in stitches

Sol Phenduka‘s dancing has social media in stitches.

After watching Carte Blanche co-host Derek Watts on the dance floor last week and perform some awkward dancing steps, radio personality Sol Phenduka is entertaining the crowd with his own performance.

The Kaya FM breakfast co-host, though, is aware of his shortcomings, unlike Derek.

Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka, hosts of the Kaya Breakfast show, can be seen dancing with musician Zakes Bantwini to one of his hit songs in a video that went viral on Twitter.

In the studio, Zakes can be seen performing one of his hallmark moves—the side-step—while dressed in a suit and stylish sunglasses.

Dineo and Sol join in, with the former keeping up with the muso while Sol appeared to be winging it. Even Zakes took note.

“Come on, Sol”, he says through giggles.

Ever the good sport, Sol Phenduka continues to attempt his own interpretation of the dance, adding: “I’m trying!”

Just like Derek Watts, tweeps found Sol Phenduka’s dance moves hilarious.

@BagwellReloaded: “In his head, he was doing it”

@LungaSQ: ‘I didn’t know that there’s someone out there who dances worse than me”

@jefe_sa: “I feel embarrassed on his behalf”

@Hle_ngiwe_: “Sol just made me realize that dancing is really not for everyone”

The enthusiasm among Sol Phenduka’s followers and those who were familiar with him from the infamous “Podcast and Chill with MacG” was palpable when it was revealed that he would be joining Kaya 959 to co-host the breakfast show with Dineo Ranaka.

The excitement was short-lived, nonetheless, as his fans complained that Ranaka seemed to hog all the attention on air.

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