What Rosemary Ndlovu Has Attemped Just Less Than A Month Of Being In Prison Shock Mzansi

What Rosemary Ndlovu Has Attemped Just Less Than A Month Of Being In Prison Shock Mzansi

What Rosemary Ndlovu Has Attemped Just Less Than A Month Of Being In Prison Shock Mzansi

Sergeant Keshi Benneth Mabunda,. Nothing strikes out when you walk inside Sergeant Keshi Benneth Mabunda’s humble office at the Olifantsontein Police Station. It just has two seats, two desks, stacked dockets, a fan, a computer, and filing cabinets against the wall. However, it is only when you turn to the left and gaze at the wall that you find Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu’s name on a paper. Sergeant Mabunda was the guy who cracked the Rosemarry Ndlovus case and sentenced her to life in prison.

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, South Africa’s most renowned female serial murderer, was sentenced Three weeks ago, yet in just three weeks in prison, Rosemary had already committed heinous crimes.

According to accounts, Rosemary’s imprisonment did not stop her to continue to attempting to file more insurance claims for her deceased family, she even lied to the insurance company that she is not in jail luckily the company called Sgt Keshi Benneth Mabunda to confirm her whereabouts and threatening the officer assigned to her case that he would be the next in line to be killed. Rosemary even went further to tell the officer that she know where his son attend school and those threats made the officer wonder what Rosemary is plotting.

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According to Sgt Keshi Benneth Mabunda, Ndlovu began phoning insurance companies from her jail cell some months after her arrest, attempting to file claims for her younger sister, Runny’s, death. Unlike the other relatives Ndlovu had murdered, Runny fell ill and died in 2018 after Ndlovu was imprisoned for attempting to murder their other sister, Joyce Ndlovu, and her five children in Bushbuckridge. Ndlovu was overheard telling hitmen to burn Joyce and her children alive at their house during an undercover police probe.

She planned to make it appear as though she died in an accident in order to be entitled to a large quantity of money through insurance plans. Five members of her family and her partner were brutally murdered between 2012 and 2018, and she was able to collect R1.4 million in life and burial insurance policies. Ndlovu was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month for these killings, as well as insurance fraud, scheming to murder Joyce and her children, and attempting to murder Joyce’s elderly mother.


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