WhatsApp slang elements you need to know

WhatsApp slang elements you need to know

WhatsApp slang elements you need to know
WhatsApp slang elements you need to know

The times, as Bob Dylan so eloquently put it, are changing. Gone are the days of painstakingly constructed letters to a loved one, replaced instead by three letter abbreviations haphazardly whatsapped with one eye on the television.

Regardless of scepticism, text slang and abbreviations make interacting with your friends and family much easier and faster, therefore mastering them is recommended — if only to avoid repeated trips to Urban Dictionary and possibly an unpleasant misunderstanding.

Here’s a summary of 11 pieces of Whatsapp slang you should know.


Meaning: To be honest

This can be used to accompany some serious truth bombs or simply to express your opinion on a particular subject.

Frank: Are we still on for this evening?

Jake: I’d rather stay in tonight, tbh. I’m re-watching Breaking Bad.


Meaning: Casual

Depending on who you use it with, this is usually used jokingly and can definitely cause an eye roll. There’s also a lot of debate about the right spelling, with the phonetic alternative being “ca,” although “caj” will suffice for now. When something is the polar opposite of casual, it can also be used sarcastically.


Meaning: I know, right?

You can use this shorthand when you totally agree with what your text partner is stating.


Meaning: On my way

When you’re rushing out the door or jogging to the bus stop and need to notify a friend that you’ll be there shortly, a fast “omw” can save you time. Can also be used to reassure someone you’re meeting that you’ve left the house and aren’t still lounging in your bathrobe on your couch (when you most certainly are).


Meaning: Of course

Another handy time-saver to quickly let your pal know you’re on the same page as them.


Meaning: I don’t care

This one is quite basic, and simplifying the statement to three letters really hammers the point home if you want to show someone how little you care.


Meaning: In real life

We all know that social media does not always reflect actual life, thus you might hear about how someone or something is different “in real life.” One to keep in mind while you navigate your many social media accounts.


Meaning: To be fair

Often used to present a counter argument or interject with a dose of rationale, this is a widely-used term in text conversations.


Meaning: Obviously

This is another testament to the average texter’s hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words) – even “obviously” got the chop. “Obvs” will suffice to make your feelings known.


Meaning: Very

Why emphasize your point by typing out a long series of “very, very, very”, when you could simply put “vvv”? You can indicate the severity of what you’re expressing by using more or fewer “v”s – the joys of the modern age.


Meaning: At the moment

Whilst this combination of letters is more traditionally known to mean Automated Teller Machine (ie. a cash machine), if you see it used during a text conversion, chances are it means “at the moment”.


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