Who Is Amanda Du-Pont’s Husband?

Who Is Amanda Du-Pont's Husband?

Who Is Amanda Du-Pont‘s Husband?

High-achieving actress Amanda du-Pont is well-known for her appearances on hit television series like Skeem Saam. She is also a model and a television host.

One of the most talked-about aspects of actress Amanda du-Pont, who is regarded as one of the most attractive female celebrities in our industry, is her relationship status.

Here is a look at Amanda du Pont’s husband, their union, and some facts and rumors surrounding them.

Who is Amanda du-Pont’s husband?

Who is Amanda du-Pont’s husband?

Shawn Rodriques is the husband of Amanda Du Pont. The two enjoyed a very private ceremony, thus it is unclear exactly when or where they were married.

Despite having a low-key wedding, the Skeem Saam actress and her beau announced their romantic engagement in 2018.

While the two were on vacation in the Maldives, Shawn Rodriquez pleasantly shocked Amanda with a romantic proposal. One of the most romantic proposals in the annals of Mzansi, Rodriques later shared a video of the proposal on Instagram.

The only thing that is known about Amanda Du Pont’s husband is that he is a well-known businessman with a sizable social media following.

One of the prettiest couples in ZAlebville, the two people who live with their dogs always show each other love on social media by posting adorable pictures of them together along with the cutest remarks.

During an interview with MacG at Podcast and Chill in December 2021 about his previous relationships with Amanda du-Pont and Kelly Khumalo, the baby mama, Jub Jub made some contentious statements.

After Jub Jub’s interview, Amanda approached him and accused him of raping her for two years while they were dating. She also admitted to getting an abortion during that time.

She went on to say that she had been too fearful of both Jub Jub, who allegedly used to threaten her, and his mother, whom she accused of performing black magic, to leave him or inform anybody about the abuse. Moreover, Amanda filed a rape complaint against Jub Jub.

Amanda dupoint husband

Thousands of South Africans were moved by Amanda’s story, and her husband also spoke up for her. Rodriques tagged Jub Jub on Instagram and expressed his eagerness for him to burn in hell.

Is Amanda du-Pont still with Shawn Rodriques?

Several publications claimed in May 2022 that Amanda du-Pont had allegedly broken up and was already seeing someone else. Amanda du Pont was seen in Cape Town with her new partner, according to celebrity critic Musa Khawula, who posted a picture of the pair online.

It didn’t take Amanda long to see the post, and when she did, she quickly dispelled the rumors, posted an original video where the picture had been cropped, and clarified that the man in the picture who had been mistakenly identified as her boyfriend was actually simply her bodyguard. She also requested that rumour not mention her by name.

“The original video. An afternoon riding bikes and scooters with my friends. The image you posted seems to be a malicious cropped version to insinuate rumours. For clarity the man in the image is my bodyguard. A polite plea to leave my name out your gossip.” She wrote

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