Wife Bewitched Her Husband To Look Like A Tree After She Caught Him Cheating

Look Like A Tree

An Indian Wife Had Bewitched Her Husband to look like a tree so than no other women would want to cheat with him again.

The women cough his husband cheating on her with his best friend for 10 years, she had suspected that they were having an affair for a long time now and after confirming it she made sure that they regret ever betraying her.

The husband is now in pain and looking for anyone who can help him, doctors have tried but this is beyond their knowledge. He turns more into a tree each and every day and losses sensation in his whole body.

He’s arms and legs are completely tree bark and now his face is also turning into tree bark.The sad thing about this is that he can’t chop off the barks because it hurts, he can feel it being chopped off and says it’s very painful.

The man has tried apologising to his wife but she is very bitter and vengeful about his cheating.The man now lives with the women he cheated with and she takes care of him now waiting for the day where his whole body turns I to tree and dies.

He’s body is heavy and spends most of his time sitting the whole day doing nothing.

Aman from Bangladesh, known as Tree Man because of his rare medical condition, reached hospital for a surgery on January 21.

Abul Bajandar is 28 years old and makes a living out of driving his rickshaw.

He in the hospital again after multiple operations in 2016. He needs more surgeries for his skin condition to become any better where his hands and feet resemble tree branches, according to an international publication’s report.

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Look Like A Tree

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