Woman Dedicates Graduation to Late Father in Touching Grave Visit: “Your Princess Did It”

  • Towela Towie Ngwira’s touching visit to her late father’s grave, clad in her graduation gown, has stirred emotions online
  • She shared photos on Facebook, with one image showing her kneeling in honor of her father, who couldn’t be there to witness her graduation from Mulungushi University
  • Towela’s gesture resonated with many as a tribute to the power of love and cherished and the enduring love and connection between a daughter and her late father

Zambia – Towela Towie Ngwira, a recent university graduate, has paid a special visit to her father’s resting place to celebrate her remarkable achievement.

Towela Towie Ngwira visited her father's grave, fully adorned in her graduation gown for a photoshoot and to celebrate her achievement.
Towela Towie Ngwira visited her father’s grave, fully adorned in her graduation gown for a photoshoot and to celebrate her achievement. Photo: Towela Towie Ngwira/Facebook.

I miss you so much

Clad in her graduation gown, Towela’s act of love and remembrance has resonated deeply within the online community.

Towela took to Facebook to share photos of herself at her father’s grave. In one of the images, her graduation cap rested proudly atop the tombstone, with her gown gracefully draped over it.

In another snap, Towela was seen kneeling humbly, paying tribute to the man who, sadly, did not live long enough to witness her outstanding accomplishment.

“Hey papa your princess did it🎓. I hope I made you proud. I love and miss you soo much,” Towela captioned her Facebook post.

Love and remembrance

Towela’s post warmed the hearts of the online community with many getting emotional at her display of love for her dad. Other showered her with praise for her academic conquest.

“Am very emotional about this post… congratulations and continue soaring to make him even more proud,” posted Moffat C. Mwila.

“Trust me your father is really happy,” said Zephan Jnr Nsangu.

“Congratulations, he’s proud of you,” wrote Jessie Jay Chelsea.
Harvey Mwenda Kayombo Jnr noted:
“Am so emotional! Congratulations Towela Towie Ngwira and I wish you all the very best!
God shall open doors for you.”

Woman visits dad’s grave clad in wedding gown

In a separate story, a bride who missed having her dad walking her down the aisle on her wedding day lovingly visited his grave.
The woman and her hubby dressed in their elegant wedding attire made a visit to the bride’s father’s resting place.
The bride and her husband were captured in a touching TikTok video lovingly holding hands as the bride delicately arranged her bouquet on the grave and posed for photographs, creating a heartfelt and memorable moment.

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